26.02.2011  ·  13:00 Uhr

Creativity in Asia - Some Impressions

Conference at the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz


University of Applied Sciences

Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2 (Raum A.3.0 - 3. Stock)
55128 Mainz


Moderation: Martina Schwarz-Geschka
Board Member of the German Association of Creativity


13.00 h  Welcome, Introduction (Prof. Jörg Mehlhorn)
13.15 h  Creativity and Creativity Techniques in Japan (Martina Schwarz-Geschka)
13.45 h  Introduction of Idea-Marathon (Takeo Higuchi, Japan)
14.45 h  Refreshment and coffee break
15.15 h  Observations at the "32nd Annual Conference of Japanese Creativity Society", October 2010 (Prof. Horst Geschka)
15.30 h  Creativity and Challenge of Korean IT companies (Prof. Dr. Jae Ho Park, South Korea)
16.30 h  Discussion